Blue Star Memorial Re-dedication Ceremony in College Station

Members of the A&M Garden Club, veterans, and guests participated in a re-dedication ceremony for the Blue Star Memorial Marker at the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial in College Station. The Blue Star Memorial Markers are a  tribute to the Armed Forces of America and is a program by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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photos courtesy of Dale S, veteran and husband of garden club member Judy S

Hummingbird Moth Visitor to Home Garden

A member of the Sphinx moth family enjoys a meal of lantana nectar in the garden in Austin, Texas. Seems like this one is in a bee costume to me. Had to use the flash on my point and shoot camera to stop motion as it flitted around from flower to flower pretty much ignoring this fumbling photographer. What interesting insects have you seen in the garden lately?Read More »

A&M Garden Club Members Participate in Flower Show in Austin

A&M Garden Club members Suzanne M and Deana D participated in the Violet Crown Garden Club Flower Show in Longhorn country in Austin, TX, this past weekend. Both entered in the design and horticulture divisions.

See if you can guess which design goes with which theme and design type in the pictures below.
“Beautiful Beginnings” Low Profile Design
“Feathered Friends” 8″ or less Petite
“Busy Bees” 8″ or less Petite


Pink Primrose Surprise



After our delightful April garden club meeting program on “Good Bugs, Bad Bugs”, Sharon S spotted this interesting bug specimen by the sidewalk in Judy S’s yard.

I’m no entomologist, but think it is Hyles lineata (white lined spinx moth, also called hummingbird mothenjoying a quiet meal on Oenothera speciosa (Pink Primrose) before we disturbed it with much picture taking. Seeing and contributing to insect populations is one of the many benefits of using native plants and organic gardening methods in the landscape. Depending on your point of view, you might view this caterpillar as a welcome friend, or a pest. We put it in the friend category in this yard.

Mother’s Day 2018 Update: moth hatched! Dale and Judy S shared images below


Did you see good or bad bugs in your yard? We’d love to hear about it.


Garden Center Beauty Captured on Camera

Pete W. had fun taking photographs at a garden center while shopping with Michelle W. for soil amendments for their garden. Thanks for sharing Pete! Keep the creative garden pictures coming. Members are encouraged to submit photos of plants or flower designs and/or garden related articles for posting on our blog.

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Gardens A&M Garden Club Helped Make Happen-Did you know?

As part of a series of blog posts about “secret” gardens that need not be a secret, we tell you about another garden the A&M garden club contributed to at some point in the past for the benefit of our community. A peaceful healing garden provides a place for patients and visitors to find a relaxing space away from inside hospital walls at CHI St. Joseph Health hospital in Bryan. Winter finds many of the plants have been groomed to be ready for Spring. As with all gardens, visiting in different seasons, on different days, and even different times of day reveals new aspects in the same space.

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If any of our A&M garden club readers know more details about our contribution to this garden such as the year, please post a comment.

Mom’s Backyard Beauty

Many of us inherit or learn green thumbs from our Mom or another family member. Club member Michelle W. sure did from her Mom as you can see from these pictures submitted by husband Pete W. taken at Michelle’s Mom’s house in Michigan.

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Pictured here are a Garage Wall, Hosta, and Day Lilies. We sure appreciate this submission of beautiful garden pictures and welcome other submissions from the A&M Garden Club for our blog. Speaking of pictures, our upcoming January meeting will have a photo display. Rules for displaying are in the last A&M Garden Club Newsletter sent out by Helen Q, so check your email boxes if you have a photo or 2 to share with the club at the January meeting.

A big Thank You! goes out to Moms everywhere. You inspire us.