Make a Unique Petite Floral Container

Small floral design is a favorite of many garden club members. Just like fairy gardens and small animal breeds, there is just something about small things that delights. Small designs call for small containers.

Petite floral arrangement containers can be what you find or make. Creativity is your friend for re-purposing what others might throw away, such as a cap off a perfume or shampoo bottle. Or you can make your own containers. Cut PVC pipe can be glued using a water resistant flexible glue to a base of plastic cut to the perfect size from a produce container and then painted to match your imagination.  Testing containers for water tightness is recommended before using a container in a show. If your perfect container does leak, find a smaller waterproof container to hide inside the leaking one so you can keep your design idea intact and still use a container that may have a crack or hole.

pvc glue and plastic container

Oven bake clay can be shaped into whatever you can think of and baked and then painted. Oven bake clay allows for quickly moving from container design idea to the final product ready for your plant material. If you have used the kind of clay needing a bisque fire and then a separate glaze fire before the finished product can be used, you know the oven bake clay technique will be a time luxury. Oven bake clay requires no specialized equipment beyond a household oven. Using a wax paper covered piece of cardboard and a piece of small PVC pipe as a rolling pin, the clay can be rolled out and then easily shaped into a container. Designs can be imprinted on the clay before baking, although too much design on a container can be distracting and cause judges to take points off a design. 

Oven bake clay can also be used to make a base for a container that does not have a flat bottom.

For garden club floral designs, painting white oven bake clay clay after it has been baked is recommended because the color white of the clay tends to draw the eye to it and you want the viewer to mostly be looking at the plant material in the design and having their eye move throughout the design, not focusing just on the container, which might happen if you have a white container. Colors in all parts of a design matter and painting your own gives you absolute control over container color in the design.

Making your own petite containers are easy and fun and allow for more flexibility. Is your garden club looking for a workshop idea? Making petite containers from oven bake clay could be just the thing to energize your members and inspire them to enter a flower show to show off their containers made at the workshop.

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