One World Flower Show A&M Garden Club a success!

So many wonderful plants and designs to share, but will only include a few so you can get a taste of what you missed not attending the show in person. Our Facebook page has a good collection of people pictures from the show.

Flower shows with extensive horticulture entries are a great way to get more educated on different types of plants, including ones that grow well and look good in your area. Exhibitors have to include the common name of plants they enter and are in their designs and/or the scientific name. Crowd favorites of this show included an elephant ear plant that sadly wilted within a few hours, but we learned from experts at the show that to enter such a large cut leaf it may need to be conditioned by soaking it in a bathtub full of water to keep the leaf rigid enough to last through the show. Do you have any tips on how to keep cut specimens looking their best? Please share in comments.

Floral designs in National Garden Club Shows often take viewers by surprise as these designs are more intricate and creative than what you would get delivered from a florist. Often having more space in the design is key to pleasing the judges. Designers use rules and tips published in “The Handbook for Flower Shows” 2017 revision published by National Garden Clubs, Inc., to help them know what to do. Many designers attend classes or undergo the rigorous requirements for getting the flower show judge credential.

The shows usually look so easy to the casual observer, but many hours of volunteer work happen behind the scenes to make it such a pleasure to attend, not to mention the work designers and growers of horticulture entries  put in to be able to enter an exhibit. Sometimes gardeners get lucky and have something blooming and in top condition without putting much work into it, but usually special attention is given to a few plants a month or more in advance that they think might be show worthy. Horticulture entries must be in the possession of person entering it for at least 3 months prior to the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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