Hidden Gardens of Bryan/College Station, the College Station Municipal Cemetery: blog series highlighting public gardens with an A&M Garden Club history

The College Station Cemetery and many other cemeteries are another place to find joy or get comfort from a public garden. The A&M Garden Club planted many of the crepe myrtles at the College Station Cemetery, including the row along the fence, in memory of garden club members who have passed on. Arbor Day often marks the day trees are planted in memory of garden club members and this year the club plans to put in a tree or two at Richard Carter Park in memory of garden club members we lost this past year.

In addition to the crepe myrtles bringing blooming beauty of pinks and white, there are many flowerbeds at the College Station cemetery, as well as interesting plants growing among the blades of grass throughout the cemetery. Many years ago, the club helped install rose bushes in the beds along the front, which are reported to be Martha Gonzales roses. Wildflowers mostly crowd out the rose bushes now.  Day lilies were also planted at some time in the past there and a wild passion vine was spotted during my visit which was food for a caterpillar.

The club also used to maintain the designated children’s area of the cemetery, although as club members came and went, maintenance is now done primarily by the City of College Station to keep the gardens and plants watered and groomed at the cemetery to keep it looking nice for all who visit.

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If you have additional information to share about this garden, please comment below or share what you know at our next garden club meeting.

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