Working in the Community

A&M Garden Club has a long tradition of working in the community, in parks, public spaces, libraries and wherever we can make a difference.  We especially like working with students, and this past Saturday was A&M University’s annual “Make a Difference Day”.  We partner with the Horticulture Department, who this year sent us 17 students to help with tidying, trimming and planting in the area’s oldest public park, Richard Carter Park.  Pizza and cookies for lunch is always a  popular draw!!!

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Richard Carter Park has been a project of A&M Garden Club for several years now, with the assistance and blessing of the Parks & Rec. Department which provides mulch, water, grass maintenance, etc.  And last Fall the City designated a “no mow” zone, where we sowed wildflower seeds. We have tried to keep the plantings in sync with the historical period and try to plant mostly natives which are attractive and beneficial to pollinators of all types.



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