A&M Garden Club Celebrates the 2017 Winter Holiday Season


Even recent snow could not keep these dedicated A&M Garden Club members from missing the club’s annual holiday potluck and social. An estimated 30 members and guests out of 77+ members attended this fun event between gardeners brought together by their love of plants and wanting to share the value of plants with our community to make it better.

One of the regular service projects over the past 2 years coinciding with various holidays is providing plant-theme decorations to a few lucky residents at Crestview apartments. The decorations are shared when a garden club member delivers a meal as part of their work with the Meals on Wheels program.  Workshops to make the decorations are held in a member’s home and gives club members a chance to build community while making Valentines, pine cone turkeys, and other decorations bringing the joy of plant crafts at different times of the year to recipients and makers alike. Using plant material for decorations is a great way to bring the outdoors in to those that might not be able to get outside very much. Small gestures like giving someone a pine cone turkey can help lift the spirits and be a conversation starter.


One thought on “A&M Garden Club Celebrates the 2017 Winter Holiday Season

  1. Deana,
    This article is so appropriate to our club with the members highlighted and the info regarding decorating with plant material.


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