A Vine to Grow “Butterflies” in a Different Way

Need a vine for a fence in your Brazos Valley garden? Want something that delights with yellow blooms and gives seed pods that can be used in arrangements or crafts? Consider planting Butterfly Vine, also called Orchid Vine, Mascagnia macroptera, because it has seed pods that resemble butterflies and blooms that look similar to orchids. Although it may freeze back in winter, it tends to come back from the roots.  It is easy to grow and tolerated being in a large pot for several years at my house till I decided on a location, a community garden where it attracts beneficial insects like bees.  It is not native. If you do want a hardy, blooming vine that is native, think about coral honeysuckle vine, Lonicera sempervirins, which has red tubular flowers hummingbirds like, or plant both vines in different locations on your fence.  Do you have vine growing tips or memories to share?

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